Shareholder Data

Important financial data about
all our of our shareholders

Important financial data about
all our of our shareholders

Share Information

The Company's shares are traded on AIM. There are no other exchanges or trading platforms on which the Company has applied or agreed to have its shares admitted or traded. There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities. 

Last updated 28th May 2021

Ordinary Shares of 10p68,121,4476,812,145

Percentage of shares not in public hands - 33.9%

Ordinary Shares% of issued share capital
BGF Investment Management Ltd10,560,00015.5
Premier Miton Group Ltd8,846,657


Berenberg Bank4,894,756


N J Campbell4,416,646


S G Motley4,110,820


T Foster


Canaccord Genuity Group Inc

Octopus Investments Nominees Limited3,000,0004.4
Liontrust Asset Management2,179,8983.2

Ordinary Shares% of issued share capital
Mark Abrahams256,5760.38
Neil Campbell   4,416,646


Bob Beveridge   


Brook Nolson   

Jon Ballard   15,3750.02
Liz Shanahan35,0000.05

Share options in issue over ordinary shares of 10p

No. of ordinary shares% of issued share capital
EMI options583,9410.86%
Sharesave Scheme 2020   150,529


The Company has granted enterprise management incentive options ("EMI Options") over new ordinary shares of 10 pence each in the capital of the Company. The EMI Options are exercisable at nil cost and are subject to performance conditions, to be measured over a three-year period ending on 31 January for the relevant year. If they vest, subject to the rules of the Option Scheme, the EMI Options are exercisable for a period of two years following publication of the audited accounts of the Company for the relevant financial year.

The Company launched the Inspiration Healthcare Group plc Sharesave Scheme in March 2020 under which options are exercisable after three years at an exercise price of 55 pence, being a 20% discount to the closing price on 3 March 2020.